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Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Probate 

At Kingswalk Law we have experience in acting for many individuals of all ages and circumstances.  

We provide a hands on approach and work closely with you. We take time to get to understand what drives you and what is important to you.  

Kingswalk Law can advise on:

  • Basic wills (to appoint the executors of your estate and the beneficiaries who are to inherit)

  • Complex wills (to include trusts for estate planning, which we will explain to you thoroughly)

  • Estate Planning (to put your affairs in order for the future)

  • Inheritance Tax ('IHT') planning (to reduce your tax bill if your estate is worth more than £325,000)

  • Lasting powers of attorney (to appoint trusted individuals to make decisions about your property and finances, and health and welfare, should you be unable to make decisions in the future)

  • Trusts (for estate planning purposes and to protect your assets after your death)

  • Probate (to help you to obtain a Grant of Probate only or administer an estate fully)

Our fees are: 

  • Basic will £150+vat

  • Pair of basic mirror wills £250 +vat

  • Will with life interest or discretionary trust £250+vat (Includes letter of wishes if required)

  • Pair of wills with life interest or discretionary trusts £400+vat (includes letter of wishes and notice of severance where required) 

  • LPAs Standard Price £300+vat each (plus £82 no VAT registration fee) or a reduced Price £200+ vat each (as an add-on to a will)

  • Our fees for probate are charged on an hourly rate of £200+vat, with a full quotation given at the start of every matter. On average, the cost of our assistance to fully administer an estate is around £2,000 - £4,000 +vat

  • Our fees start from £500+vat for a basic grant of probate or letters of administration only. Disbursements include a probate registry fee (payable to the Probate Registry) of £155 (no VAT)

In relation to timescales, we can provide the following guidance: 

  • wills can generally be completed within one to three weeks. This includes: the first stage of completing of a questionnaire to identify your needs; the second stage involves a video call or face-to-face meeting; the third stage involves a will being prepared and sent to you for approval; and the fourth stage involves signing the will. If at all possible, we prefer the signing of the will to take place at our office, whereupon we shall provide two witnesses. Each stage generally takes a few days to one week, depending upon your requirements; 

  • lasting powers of attorney can generally be completed within one to three weeks. This includes: the first stage of discussing your circumstances with you by video call or face-to-face meeting to identify your needs; the second stage involves an LPA being prepared and sent to you for approval; third stage involves the signing of the LPA (preferably at our office); the fourth stage involves your attorneys signing the LPA; and the fifth stage involves the registration of the LPA at the Office of the Public Guardian. Each stage generally takes a few days to one week, depending upon your requirements, with the exception of stage five, which usually takes 8 - 12 weeks; 

  • a grant of probate application usually takes around two to three months to complete. This includes: the first stage of taking instructions from you; the second stage involves preparing the draft statement of trust and IHT forms for your approval; and the third stage involves sending the documents to the Probate Registry. The grant is issued around 4 - 8 weeks later (unless the Probate Registry has any queries regarding the application); and 

  • to administer an estate fully, we follow the procedure as referred to when obtaining a grant of probate (above) and following this we shall arrange for all assets in the deceased's name to be transferred to the beneficiaries, or sold. The full administration usually takes 6 - 12 months, or longer if a property is on the market and awaiting a buyer. 

Where possible, we would like to act as a witness to the signing of your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and other legal documents. A home visit to oversee the signing of your documents is included in our fees shown above, within a reasonable distance to our office (subject to restrictions).

We pride ourselves on transparency.  Your matter shall be dealt with and supervised by Emma Pringle, Partner, with assistance from a trainee solicitor where necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact Emma Pringle, should you have any queries in relation to the above.

Try our Quote Tool to generate a no obligation instant quote. 

Note: VAT is charged at 20%. 

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